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The Hillgrove Foundation was founded in 2010. Established by school and community leaders, the Foundation seeks funding and resources for the betterment of Hillgrove High School. The Hillgrove Foundation will fund academic, athletic, and fine arts needs, as deemed necessary by the Board.


Involve, Invest, Implement


In spring 2013, The Hillgrove Foundation was able to add visitors stands to our football stadium.  This greatly increased seating capacity, and added to the overall safety of our stadium.


Just last month, the Foundation completed its second major project. Using only the donations from our community and the Classes of 2010 & 2011, we were able to install a completely refurbished and updated color electronic sign. Besides being purchased in a cost effective manner, this sign is friendly to our neighbors, being able to be turned off each night, while not in use.   




Additionally, the Hillgrove Foundation has awarded $105,000 in grants and awards to teachers and groups throughout our school.


How Can I Help?


The easiest way to support the work of the Hillgrove Foundation is to link your Kroger Community Rewards card to the Hillgrove Foundation. This in NO way affects your personal Kroger points and does help our Foundation continue to grow to provide for our school in so many wonderful ways.  Go to www.kroger.com.

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Hillgrove High School

Angela Stewart - Principal
4165 Luther Ward Road

Powder Springs, GA 30127
Phone: 678-331-3961

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